CODECs (1/6)

1978A.M.Paredes predictor (LossLess)A.M.Paredes
_JPGBI_JPEG JPEG compressedJoint Photo Experts Group
_PNGBI_PNG PNG compressedW3C/ISO/IEC (RFC-2083)
_RAWFull Frames Uncompressed
_RGBBI_RGBRaw Bitmap
2VUYOptibase VideoPump 8-bit 4:2:2 Component Y'CbCr Optibase
3IV0MPEG4-based codec 3ivx3ivx
3IV13ivxMPEG4-based codec
3IV23ivxMPEG4-based codec
3IVD3ivx DivX Doctored31vx
3IVXMPEG4-based codec
3VID3ivx (MPEG4-based)31vx
8BPSPlanar RGB codecUsed in Quicktime.
AAS4Autodesk Animator codec (RLE)Autodesk
AASCAutodesk Animator codecAutodesk Animator Studio. Discontinued
ABYRKensington ?Kensington
ACTLStreambox ACT-L2
ADV1LoronixApparently used in various CCTV products
ADVJAvid M-JPEGAlso known as AVRn
AEIKIntel Indeo Video 3.2 (Vector Quantization)Intel
AEMIArray VideoONE MPEG1-I CaptureArray Microsystems
AFLCAutodesk Animator codecAutodesk Animator Studio. Discontinued
AFLIAutodesk Animator codecAutodesk Animator Studio. Discontinued
AHDVCineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet)CineForm
AJPG22fps JPEG-based codec for digital camerasJPEG
ALACApple lossless audioApple
ALPHZiracom Digital Communications Inc.
AMPGArray VideoONE MPEGArray Microsystems. Array VideoONE hardware-based MPEG compression system
AP41AngelPotion DefinitiveAngelPotion. Microsoft's MP43 hacked version
AP42AngelPotion Definitive (hack MS MP43)AngelPotion. Microsoft's MP43 hacked version
ASLCAlparysoft lossless codec
ASV1Asus VideoCodec supplied with the Asus TNT Video Capture adapter. Supposedly a very simple, DCT-based codec.
ASV2Asus VideoUpdate from the ASV2 codec
ASVXAsus Video 2.0Unusual codec which stores audio in the .avi file but puts the video in a companion .asv file.
ATM4Ahead Nero Digital MPEG-4 CodecNero
AUR2AuraVision Aura 2AuraVision Corporation, YUV 422, 8bit
AURAAuraVision Aura 1AuraVision Corporation, YUV 411, 6bit
AUVXAUVX video codecUSH GmbH
AV1XAvid 1:1x (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
AVD1Avid DV (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
AVDJIndependent JPEG Group's codec
AVDNAvid DNxHD (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
AVDVAvid DVAvid Technology, Inc
AVI1MainConcept Motion JPEG CodecMainConcept
AVI2MainConcept Motion JPEG CodecMainConcept
AVIDAvid Motion JPEGAvid Technology, Inc
AVISWrapper for AviSynth (Dummy codec)Avid Technology, Inc
AVMPAvid IMX (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
AVR Avid ABVB/NuVista MJPEG w/alphaAvid Technology, Inc
AVRNIndependent JPEG Group's codec
AVUIAvid Meridien Uncompressed w/alphaAvid Technology, Inc
AVUPAvid 10bit Packed (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
AYUV4:4:4 YUV format
AZPRQuicktime Apple Video
AZRPApple QuickTimeApple
BHIVBeHere iVideoBeHere
BINKBink VideoRAD Game Tools
BIT BI_BITFIELDS (Raw RGB)* No codec needed
BITMMicrosoft H.261Microsoft
BLOXJan Jezabek BLOX MPEG CodecJan Jezabek
BLZ0FFmpeg MPEG-4Used in WarCraft3 movies
BMV1MicroFirst Bitmap VideoMicroFirst, Inc.
BT20Prosumer VideoBrooktree MediaStream. Conexant. Optimized for realtime compression of YUV space.
BTCVComposite Video CodecBrooktree Composite Video. Conexant. Supports a special data format used by the Brooktree Bt2115 chipset which could perform 'software encoded video output' - a kind of software TV-out capability.
BTVCConexant Composite VideoConexant
BW00BergWave (Wavelet)
BW10Broadway MPEG Capture/CompressionData Translation
BXBGBOXX BGRBoxx Technologies
BXRGBOXX RGBBoxx Technologies
BXY2BOXX 10-bit YUVBoxx Technologies
BXYVBOXX YUVBoxx Technologies
CC12AuraVision Aura 2Intel, YUV12 codec
CDV5Canopus SD50/DVHDCanopus
CDVCCanopus DV CodecCanopus
CDVHCanopus SD50/DVHDCanopus
CFCCDPS PerceptionDigital Processing Systems. For DPS Perception adapters.
CFHDCineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet)CineForm
CGDICamcorder VideoMicrosoft Office 97 Camcorder
CHAMWinnov Caviara ChampagneWinnov, Inc.
CJPGWebCam JPEGCreative Labs Video Blaster Webcam
CLJRCirrus LogicYUV 4:1:1
CLLCCanopus LossLessCanopus
CLPLFormat similar to YV12 but including a level of indirection.?
CM10MediaShow 1.0.CyberLink Corporation
CMYKCommon Data Format in PrintingColorgraph (UK). Uncompressed 32bpp CMYK as used in printing processes. 32bit
COL0FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)FFmpeg Project
COL1FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)FFmpeg Project
CPLAYUVWeitek, 4:2:0 YUV planar
CRAMMicrosoft Video 1Microsoft
CSCDCamStudio CodecOpen source (GPL license) codec optimised for screen capture applications.
CT10TalkingShow 1.0.CyberLink Corporation
CTRXCitrix Scalable Video CodecCitri
CUVCCanopus HQCanopus
CVIDCinepak by SupermacOriginally owned by Supermac then Radius, now P&B.
CWLTMicrosoftColor WLT DIB, 24bit
CYUVCreative Labs YUVCreative Labs, Inc.
CYUYATI Proprietary YUV compression algorithmATI Technologies

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