IMG inspector

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Transforms any page with links to images in a full gallery with thumbnails and lightbox-style viewer.

When there are more than 650 images, you can select what group of images you want to see. This reduces resources usage when too many images are linked.

- "Are you sure" request now disabled in automatic mode.
- Image Link Generator to create automatic galleries (beta).
- Warning before loading too many images at once.
- Thumbnails
- Lightbox to easily view each image
- Two view modes: list and compact
- Drag the thumbnails to a folder or alt-click to save the full-size image
- ctrl-click to open an image in a new tab
- Optional automatic gallery

Only works with links to real images ( i.e. .jpg files) , not with links to pages with images. After installing the extension, please refresh the page hosting the images.

Try with one of the pages listed here:
or this
1.5New popup image explorer (beta, but already cool)
1.4.8When in automatic mode, the "are you sure" request is disabled.
1.4.7Test features added and disabled
1.4.6Added "lab" random option - warning when too many images will be parsed - first image will now is the one you start from - test alt replacer
1.4.5Fixed a numering issue - added step value
1.4.4Links generator: better interface - numbering fixed - new auto filename option - fixed image centering in some cases - added brief in-line instructions
1.4.3Interface improvements
1.4.1 / 1.4.2Small fixes
1.4Fixed the centering issues, added a new "image links generator" (beta)
1.3.1Fixed the automatic startup
1.3Optional automatic gallery ( beta )
1.2.2Input filed issues now fixed
1.2.1v1.2 has some issues, reverted to the previous version
1.2Styles fix - alternative compact mode, re-enabled shift / ctrl / alt + mouse click
1.1Image grouping
1.0.1Fixed iframes issues
1.0First version