CODECs intro

Codecs (Glossary) are software algorithms used to transform an uncompressed data stream (audio or video) in another stream, usually lighter (compressed) and faster (less bandwidth usage).
Later (after transmission or simply storage) the stream can be decoded again in almost the original stream.
In fact, codec means "coder/decoder".
Usually there is a loss of data, and better the codec, better is the result.

Now follows a list of the known video codecs:

codecs page 1 (_BIT to CYUY)

codecs page 2 (D26n to FVF1)

codecs page 3 (GLZW to MP2*)

codecs page 4 (MP41 to SMC)

codecs page 5 (SMSC to VLV1)

codecs page 6 (VP30 to ZPEG)

audio codecs

Codecs FAQ