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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools

I make websites for entertainment, study or because ti is just my job, but in the end a website has to be found on the web, so SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has always interested me in a way or the other...

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Video Games to play

Being a gamer and a coder, I'm constantly inspired to build something that can be enjoyed, even for few minutes.

This way I managed to explore many interesting things about very different topics, ranging from mathematics to graphics, animation, social analysis, art, psychology, analytics ...

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Video Games history

Many, many years ago I had the idea to make a website to collect data about video games, it started as a list of games I could barely remember from the arcades.

Then MAME came, and I could fill all the missing details with actual data

Then random people from the web liked the idea and shared custom-made csv files listing games for various platforms. I spent nights with Excel trying to sort this data in something usable, and the first database-driven of the Universal Videogames List was born.

Then, finally, other people from the web liked it, and started collaborating, giving ideas and contributing to the content.

Now is a comprehensive list of every video game ever made, an ongoing project updated daily.

universal videogame list


I had a galley on Google +, and it is gone, I had one on Flickr, but it is gone too ...

I like to take pictures, that's all. Some boring hashtags? #cats #japan #food #architecture #scifi

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Legacy projects

ZZOOM - Screen Zoomer
A simple software made in Purebasic many years ago, that for some reason is still appreciated.

HTML Demos

Chrome Extensions