collection of technical articles found on the web that can be useful

Getting Creative with Perlin Noise Fields

25 different designs using only Perlin flow field.

How diffusion models work

Diffusion models like #DALLE and #StableDiffusion is state of the art for image generation, yet our understanding of them is in its infancy. This article introduces the basics of how diffusion models work, how we understand them, and why I think this understanding is broken.

Art tutorial

A very popular art tutorial with all the basic concepts like material, shadows, perspective with easy to understand hand-drawn pictures.

Squares Made for Marching

Marching Squares is a family of algorithms for automation that appear in everything from isolating isobars on weather graphs to selecting shape outlines in image editors, and even generating game worlds.

Liquid Physics Using Cellular Automation

One interesting way to represent liquids in a grid based world, is to use a form of cellular automaton. In this simulation, the cells attempt to disperse their liquid into their neighboring cells.