meta seo inspector

chrome extension for seo experts, webmasters, developers

meta seo inspector is a Chrome extension useful to inspect in 1 click the meta data usually not visible while browsing



All the meta-data in a click, just activate the extension and all page features are visible at once.

All meta data


Always know what is wrong or missing, mistakes are colored in red, infos are blue, tips are yellow.

Meta Seo Inspector alerts


Direct access to popular tools.

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Meta SEO Inspector changelog

Latest update

v 2.4.1

• fixed an issue with video links
• renamed video section to 'video and audio'
• more info about external resources

v 2.4

renamed script section to 'external resources' and improved resources info, split 'page data' section in 'SEO check' and 'explore', added sticky headers to data-tables

v 2.3.9

more info on external scripts with industry type and some extra details, also moved apple-itunes-app to mobile section

v 2.3.8

added hrefLang in links section, 'open all' and 'close all' now behaving corrrectly in all cases, missing theme-color alert, anchors links now are clickable, renamed 'links tags' to 'links'

v 2.3.7

new markup/anchors section to check links in page, more visible info/warnings, removed not working Keyword Density Analyzer external tool

v 2.3.6

new media/svg section, translations and tips improvements, moved app link meta inside mobile section

v 2.3.5

moved apple-touch-icon, shortcut icon, mask-icon and apple-touch-startup-image in "presentation" section; some new translations; added "article", "video" and "music" to opengraph, new viewport checker

v 2.3.4

added image lazy loading detection, quite useful to improve page speed!
(read about lazy loading at Google)

v 2.3.3

full image listing with alt and title attributes check, better image count, fixed tags section.

v 2.3.2

fixed geo and security sections, added canvas to detected tags, improved large image handling, improved empty tag detection, grouped various html tags in the new "markup" section, "opengraph" and "twitter" in the new "social" section, "large images" and "videos" in the new media section.

v 2.3.1

fix to collapsible sections

v 2.3

overall layout update, collapsible sections to let you focus on specific tasks, more visible tips

v 2.2.7

minor update - charset, mssmarttags prevent parsing and googlebot better handling

v 2.2.6

more translated UI text - improved doctype detection - removed missing H2 tag

v 2.2.5

more info about heading tags issues - cms detection improvements - JSON-LD parse fix

v 2.2.4

translations improvement - fixed GEO data layout - new presentation section - small fixes

v 2.2.3

fixed the issue with structured data

v 2.2.2

structured data temporarily disabled

v 2.2.1

small fixes

v 2.2

much improved JSON-LD detection - improved tooltips visibility

v 2.1.10

JSON-LD improvements, new SECURITY section

v 2.1.9

fixed small UI issues - "description too short" no more a warning - better handling of empty H tags - better headings layout

v 2.1.8

fixed messages in console - fixed small UI issues

v 2.1.7

Introduced tooltips in UI, detailed list of header tags, more H1 tips, fixed issue with with twitter description containing html tags, initial japanese translation


fixed a layout issue

v 2.1.6

fixed video links - styles fix - handled yandex-verification, ahrefs-site-verification, p:domain_verify and bitly-verification - fixed issue in detecting large images - new CMS section - new Mobile section

v 2.1.5

resource hints tags - handled baidu-site-verification

v 2.1.4

large images detection - fixed issue with JSON-LD - styles fix

v 2.1.3

JSON-LD recognized

v 2.1.2

layout improvements - video link discovery - fixed rare issues with malformed meta tags - keywords info - italian and spanish translation

v 2.1.1

video tag discovery and download - layout improvements - online-tools cleanup

v 2.1.0

improved page title detection - code optimizations - showing "alternate", "shortcut icon", "icon" and "archives" link tags - Added APP LINK section - increased the max description lenght to 230 - minor layout fixes - new about section - missing keywords meta tag is not a warning anymore

v 2.0.9

moved "robots" in common tags - added "geo" group - GoogleMaps(tm) links for location data - IMG tags report and warning for missing ALT attribute.

v 2.0.7

OpenGraph checker - tools added: Norton Safe Web, GPlus Ripples explorer

v 2.0.6

fixed case-sensitive issues - layout improvements - meta data is now grouped in "common", "opengraph", "twitter", "" and "other" - the pop-up reopens on the last used section - added check for invalid "value" attribute

v 2.0.5

no follow highlight is back - options page, good for future additions! - added more social verification tools - added Nibbler too

v 2.0.4

Restored and updated the "on-line tools" section - layout fixes

v 2.0.3

Small fix with missing meta content - 5 stars rating for HTML check - layout fixes - badge refresh - doctype fix

v 2.0.2

Added html, h1, h2 tags check

v 2.0.1

Small fix

v 2.0.0

Rewrited to new guidelines - added rich snippets data - more warnings - moved data to popup