meta seo inspector

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meta seo inspector is a Chrome extension useful to inspect in 1 click the meta data usually not visible while browsing



All the meta-data in a click, just activate the extension and all page features are visible at once.

All meta data


Always know what is wrong or missing, mistakes are colored in red, infos are blue, tips are yellow.

Meta Seo Inspector alerts


Dark/light and compact/comfortable theme switcher.

Dark and light themes


Direct access to popular tools like site testers, safety checkers and more.

Available tools

Free and Friendly

Frequently updated with new features.

No account required, no logins, no passwords, no fees.

Just contact me via Twitter DM or e-mail to ask for new features or report any issue.


Interface in English, Français, Español, Italiano, 日本語 (japanese), Portughese/Portugal, German

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